Jeudi, 10 décembre 2015

13h45 Introduction
Accueil par Thomas Maissen, directeur de l’IHA

Introduction par Bettina Severin-Barboutie (IHA/S-IRICE), Maren Röger (Universität Augsburg/ DHI Warschau) et Christoph Lorke (Universität Münster)

14h00  Intermarriages – Mixed Marriages: Historical and Transnational Perspectives

Maren Röger/Christoph Lorke: Bi-national Marriages in Germany Since 1870: Between Micro and Political History

Simone Derix (IEG Mainz): Upstairs, Downstairs – Transnational. Social Inequality and Cross-border Family Relations

Adrienne Edgar (Univ. of California): Intermarriage in Soviet Central Asia

15h50 Interreligious Marriages

Ihor Kosyk (Univ. Wien): Social, Ethno-confessional and Geographical Aspects of Intermarriages in Austrian Galicia

Dani Kranz (Univ. Wuppertal): Including and Excluding non-Jewish, Foreign Spouses/Partners of Israeli Jews in Israel: The Entanglement of Micro-, Meso-, and Macro Level in Socio-historic Perspective

Peter Graf (Univ. Osnabrück): Le mariage ou l’union entre Musulmans et Chrétiens – un fait méconnu de la vie réelle en Allemagne

18h00 Conférence du soir

Angelika Epple (Univ.Bielefeld): Au-delà des frontières. Pratiques comparatives dans une perspective de micro-histoire et d’histoire globale

Fabrice Virgili (CNRS/S-IRICE): Commentaire


Vendredi, 11 décembre 2015

9h00 Regulations, legislation and »Eigen-Sinn«

Suzanne Sinke (Florida State Univ.): Categorically Acceptable: Exploring State Policies of Migration and Marriage in Transatlantic Space

Imma Gadient (Univ. de Fribourg): Struggle to Stay. Migrant Families’ Opposition to Processes of Governmental Expulsion in Geneva around 1900

Laura Fahnenbruck (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen): Repel Recognition. Fending Paternity in German Military Field Courts in the Occupied Netherlands

11h00 Migration and Family Regimes

Giota Tourgeli (University of the Peloponnese): Families Split by the »American Dream«: Greek Emigration to the USA and Impacts on Marriage and Family Relationships (1890–1930)

Anne Friedrichs (Univ. Bielefeld): Families Across Borders: Polish-German Migration to the Ruhr Valley and to Northern France, 1870–1930

Stefania Bernini (Univ. of New South Wales): A Space of Their own Making: Transnational Families and National Reconstitution after WW2

14h30 Mobility, migration and love in the Time of Peace and War

Lena Radauer (Univ. Freiburg): »Returning as Family Men«. WWI Prisoners and their Relationships with Russian Women

Irene Messinger (Univ. Wien): Marriage of Convenience as a Way Into Exile – Unusual and Unequal Partner Relationship in Exile

Panikos Panayi (Univ. Leicester): Interethnic Relationships in Peace and War. The Germans in India, c.1800–1920

16h00 Conclusion

Beate Collet (université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

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